The US Pizza Team Wants You!

The U.S. Pizza Team will be hosting the 2022 East Coast US Pizza Cup & Pizza Acrobatic Trials, November 9-10 at The Pizza Tomorrow Summit. This event is OPEN TO ALL COMPETITORS and will bring a cross section of the nation’s most talented pizzaioli and pizza athletes to the Sunshine State in spirited culinary and acrobatic competitions.

November 9th:  Pizzaiolis will be competing to make their best pie within the allotted time in the given ovens, showing their pizza peers and customers they have what it takes to represent their hometown and be crowned The Pizza of Tomorrow! All entries will be scored by expert judges on basic pizza metrics such as crust bake, topping distribution, appearance and of course, FLAVOR.

November 10th:  The Pizza Acrobatic Trials.  This visually stunning and energetic competition featuring events like Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pie Maker, and the crowd favorite Freestyle Acrobatics.  This exhilarating finale to the East Coast US Pizza Cup & Pizza Acrobatic Trials will have your pizzeria and your customers talking for years to come!

Interesting in competing in either of these events?  Click here!

The U.S. Pizza Team was founded in 2000 with the goal of bringing competition and excitement to the pizza industry.  Since its formation, the U.S. Pizza Team has participated in an international event every year, most frequently at the World Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy and the European Pizza & Pasta Show in London.  Ranging from culinary masters to dough tossing phenoms, the Pizza Team renews the passion of those in the industry year after year.

Check Out our Expert Speakers at the 2022 Pizza Tomorrow Summit!

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Certified Master Pizzaiolo Billy Manzo, Jr.- Restaurateur, Frozen Pizza Entrepreneur, Consultant.

His journey to the heights of culinary excellence began as a boy in his Aunt Anna’s backyard in Providence, Rhode Island, where he watched his Aunt Philly and Aunt Rosie turn Italian toast with sharp chunk provolone cheese into something magical. “See?” his father would say. “Don’t forget!”

As Billy grew, he continued to learn and master every technique, every pairing, every discipline that good cooking demands. Always boldly open to life and its opportunities, he traveled—and kept learning. A stint in Las Vegas found him employed on the set of Martin Scorsese’s film Casino. He went on to work in the kitchen of one of Nevada’s high-end restaurants, which, for all its sophistication, couldn’t match what Billy had learned at home.

Billy decided to return to Rhode Island, where he opened a cigar lounge, but everyone who knew him was puzzled. “Why aren’t you cooking?” they would ask. “Didn’t you make pizza in Vegas?”

As Billy tells it, “So I bought an oven and set it up in the store. I flipped some tiles upside down to make the terracotta, made pizza dough by hand, and offered it to my customers. On the first night, I sold forty pizzas from my cigar lounge.”

Soon Billy was selling 300 to 400 pizzas per week. His dough balls were being featured in 200 supermarkets. That’s when he decided to open his first pizzeria in Warren, Rhode Island. But the story doesn’t end there.

Billy continued to learn. He sought out chefs who uphold the oldest traditions and highest standards of pizza making in Europe and today joins their ranks as one of only three certified master pizzaioli in the United States. 

Billy believes excellence does not tolerate compromise.  Only a master can create a masterpiece.

David Scott Peters – Accomplished Author and Founder of

David Scott Peters is an author, restaurant coach and speaker who coaches restaurant operators how to stop being prisoners of their businesses and to finally reach financial freedom. His first book, Restaurant Prosperity Formula: What Successful Restaurateurs Do, teaches the systems and traits restaurant owners must develop to run a profitable restaurant. Thousands of restaurants have worked with Peters to transform their businesses. Get his three principles to restaurant success at

Alex Koons – Restauranteur, Plant-Based Pizza Expert, and Consultant

Alex Koons is a husband, father, a teacher and a student of life. Alex has been in the pizza industry for 14 years. He took a job delivering pizza to support his passion of music and spent 7 years pursuing that dream before swapping out the microphone for an apron. He started as a delivery driver and worked his way up at Purgatory Pizza to become an owner in 2016. There he rebuilt the branding, culture and expanded the vegan menu exponentially. This helped catapult his dream of Hot Tongue into a reality. In 2022 Alex opened up the first Hot Tongue, an ALL vegan pizza shop. Outside of his restaurants, Alex Koons is also a pizza consultant. Koons strongly focuses on pushing the importance of putting people first, and helps chefs and owners get on board to the future by helping expand on their vegan offerings.