The U.S. Pizza Team will be hosting the ’22 Galbani Professionale Pizza Cup & Acrobatic Trials, November 9-10 at The Pizza Tomorrow Summit. This event is OPEN TO ALL COMPETITORS and will bring a cross section of the nation’s most talented pizzaioli and pizza athletes to the Sunshine State in spirited culinary and acrobatic competitions.



Register to compete in the ’22 Galbani Professionale Pizza Cup & Acrobatic Trials at the The Pizza Tomorrow Summit in Orlando Fl., Nov 9-10 and win your chance to shine on the international pizza stage!

Bring your Best Pizza, Acrobatic Pizza Spinning Routine , Largest Dough Stretcher and Fastest Pie Makers to the Sunshine State for your chance to win a trip to compete in the Campionato Mondiale della Pizza (World Pizza Championships) in Parma, Italy, April 18-20, 2023.

Winners of the culinary category will be crowned the Galbani Cup Champion and join the US Pizza Team for a trip across the pond to represent Galbani Professionale US, as well as their hometowns, their pizzeria, and US Pizza at large against some of the world’s finest pizzaioli from over 30 countries! The winner of Freestyle Acrobatics will also head to a Spin-Off for ANOTHER seat on the plane to pizza glory in Italy!

Space is limited so REGISTER TODAY!

The U.S. Pizza Team was founded in 2000 with the goal of bringing competition and excitement to the pizza industry.  Since its formation, the U.S. Pizza Team has participated in an international event every year, most frequently at the World Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy and the European Pizza & Pasta Show in London.  Ranging from culinary masters to dough tossing phenoms, the Pizza Team renews the passion of those in the industry year after year.

The Food Truck Marketplace and Showroom

Explore the brand new Food Truck Marketplace & Showroom located on the left hand side of the exhibit hall featuring as many as two dozen customized food trucks and trailers by One Fat Frog.

One Fat Frog is a manufacturer that was born in the kitchen and has a deep passion for helping others build their own business through the power of food on the move.  Their 16 years of experience building kitchens for some of the industry’s top chefs has allowed them to transfer that knowledge to a mobile format and create a line of food trucks & trailers that is perfectly suited for you no matter where you are in your business journey.

Check out more information at

Presented by:  One Fat Frog

Check Out some of Our Expert Speakers at the 2022 Pizza Tomorrow Summit!

View our full conference schedule here!

Certified Master Pizzaiolo Billy Manzo, Jr.- Restaurateur, Frozen Pizza Entrepreneur, Consultant.

Chef Billy Manzo is one of only THREE Certified Master Pizzaioli in the country, a restaurateur, a frozen pizza enrtepreneur, and consultant who believes excellence does not tollerate compromise.  Only a master can create a masterpiece!


From a Cigar Shop, to a multi-unit pizzeria operator, to launching a global brand.  Billy Manzo’s Pizza Success Story!

Interviewed by Smart Pizza Marketing’s Bruce Irving, hear Chef Billy Manzo tell his story from watching his aunts cook in their back yard in Providence Rhode Island, through his journey as an operator of mulitple pizzerias, being “discovered”, and ultimately the announcement of his newest venture, Billy Manzo Pizza, which is poised to hit retail stores this fall.

Steve Green – Publisher PMQ Pizza Magazine

The future of the pizza industry looks more promising and profitable than ever!  Join Steve and a panel of restaurant experts to explore how the pizza industry can and will benefit from innovative technologies, robotics and collaborations among independent pizzeria operators.

Session 1:

The Story of PMQ on their 25th Birthday.

Session 2:

Taking Pizza in to the future!  A technology panel.

David Scott Peters – Restaurant Expert, Coach, Speaker and Accomplished Author

David Scott Peters is an author, restaurant coach, and speaker who coaches restaurant operators how to stop being prisoners of their businesses and to find financial freedom.  His first book, Restaurant Prosperity Formula: What Successful Restaurateurs Do, teaches the systems and traits restaurant owners must develop to run a profitable restaurant.  Thousands of restaurants have worked with Peters to transform their business.

Session 1:

How to Avoid 3 Deadly Mistakes in Labor

Session 2:

Your pizzeria is NOT Average, So Stop Using a National Average Food Cost to Run it.

David “Rev” Ciancio – Hospitality Marketing Executive – Brand, Customer & Technology Evangelist.

Rev is a New York City restaurant owner and knows exactly how hard it is to operate and brand a hospitality business.

He is a hospitality marketing consultant, customer and technology evangelist at Branded Strategic Hospitality,  with more than 20 years experience in B2B digital marketing and business development, specializing in hospitality marketing, content, local SEO, reputation management and influencer marketing. He helps technology companies, brands and restaurants to acquire and retain customers.

Rev is known as an “expert burger taster,” pens hospitality and marketing tips on his Instagram @revciancio, as well as his LinkedIn Profile. He believes that Pizza is a religion.

Session 1:

How to Acquire More Customers, Increase Guest Frequency and Beat the Third-Party Delivery Apps at Their Own Game 

Session 2:

Your Marketing Questions Answered – An operator panel discussion

Bruno Zacchini – Chef

Chef Bruno Zacchini began his culinary journey on the Jersey Shore Boardwalk slingin’ slices of pizza which eventually led him to the Valencia Culinary Program in Orlando. From line cook, to chef, to consultant, to owner of Pizza Bruno in 2016 which changed the pizza game in Orlando and Central Florida. 


The Pizza Bruno Story.  Great pizza, good tunes, and good times!

Roger Beaudoin – Restauranteur, CEO Restaurant Rockstars

Roger is a 25 year veteran restaurateur who created multiple successful concepts, most notably Pizza.  He now sells online courses and a game-changing staff training APP to help other operators systemize their operation, train their staff and maximize profit. Roger is the host of the weekly Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, a 2 time Author and personal restaurant coach.

Session 1:

Maximize Restaurant Profit & Uplevel Your Pizza Operation

Session 2:

User-Friendly Financial Systems for your Pizza Operation

Bruce Irving – marketing strategist, speaker and founder of Irving Media Group LLC.

Irving Media Group helps small local business owners develop and implement a marketing strategy to build a brand as well as increase sales.

Bruce is also the host of 2 successful podcasts Smart Pizza Marketing and The Marketing Club. Before running his own business and hosting these podcasts, he ran a multi-million dollar local business for over 20 years.

Join Bruce and be a part of the live Smart Pizza Marketing podcast where he will be interviewing exhibitors and pizza operators to learn about what’s new/next in the industry! 

Join Bruce at the Smart Pizza Marketing Studio!

Alex Koons – Restauranteur, Plant-Based Pizza Expert, and Consultant

Alex Koons is a husband, father, a teacher and a student of life. Alex has been in the pizza industry for 14 years. He took a job delivering pizza to support his passion of music and spent 7 years pursuing that dream before swapping out the microphone for an apron. He started as a delivery driver and worked his way up at Purgatory Pizza to become an owner in 2016. There he rebuilt the branding, culture and expanded the vegan menu exponentially. This helped catapult his dream of Hot Tongue into a reality. In 2022 Alex opened up the first Hot Tongue, an ALL vegan pizza shop. Outside of his restaurants, Alex Koons is also a pizza consultant. Koons strongly focuses on pushing the importance of putting people first, and helps chefs and owners get on board to the future by helping expand on their vegan offerings. 


Don’t be Afraid, It’s Just Vegan!

Jaime Oikle – Founder of

Jaime Oikle is the Owner & Founder of, a comprehensive web site for restaurant owners & managers filled with marketing, operations, service, people & tech tips to help restaurants profit and succeed.


Top Tech Trends and Tips for Today

Dale Willerton – Author and Lease Consultant

Dale Willerton is The Lease Coach negotiating lease deals for restaurant and pizza tenants. Formerly a shopping mall manager and leasing rep for landlords, Dale is an industry insider and go-to expert who for almost 30 years now has exclusively worked for tenants. With offices in Orlando, LA, NY & Dallas, The Lease Coach has successfully negotiated and consulted on over 3000 leasing projects for tenants throughout the US. Dale is a professional speaker frequently appearing at industry events and conferences around the country including the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show for the past 10 years.  Willerton is also the author of Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES.


13 Costly Mistakes Pizza Operators Make Negotiating Their Commercial Lease or Renewal

Shane Murphy -CEO of Boostly

Shane Murphy is the co-founder & CEO of Boostly, the leading text marketing & feedback company in the restaurant industry. Prior to that, Shane was on the executive team for Jolt, a worldwide restaurant operations software company. He is one of the leading experts on text marketing and his favorite pizza is double cheese and double pineapple.


How to use Text Message Marketing to Generate More Revenue